You Wont Go To Hell Calling God’s Name During Sex

Maverick private legal practitioner, Maurice Ampaw disagrees with the assertion by founder and leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministry, Prophet Kumchacha that any woman who screams the name of Jesus Christ or God during love making will never make it to heaven.

Maurice Ampaw

He justifies his argument by quoting a verse from the bible which states that in all things one must give thanks to God and if the person is enjoying emotionally and giving praises unto the name of God that person should rather be given a free passage to heaven.

“I disagree with Kumchacha because God has advised us to call unto him in everything we do. He further stated that God is interested in the affairs of men and irrespective of the circumstance the woman mentions the name of God, she must be granted a free passage to heaven”, he argued.

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