Yahoo boy nabbed while trying to use a 6-year old for ritual in delta

“One day for the thief, one day for the owner” is the story of  a yahoo boy who was caught and beaten mercilessly by a mob while in process of using a 6-year-old boy for ritual in Delta state.

kidnapper beaten

A few days ago in Delta state, a self acclaimed internet fraudster also known as yahoo boy was almost beaten to death after being alleged of trying to use a young boy for ritual.
The yahoo boy was said to be dressed like a lunatic just so he could carryout this cruel act in Sapele area of the state.
It was gathered that he was apprehended while trying to blow powder (which had cowries round it) on the boy in a bid to hypnotize him.
It was at this point he was captured and beaten mercilessly by the mob.
kidnapper arrested by police
It was reported that the young man was saying some incantations of which is best known to him while being beaten until one of the mob stabbed him in the chest with a sharp object.
It was not long before the police came around to arrest the suspect for further investigation at the police station in the area.

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