“Your Genitals Cannot Shift A Woman’s Womb, Stop Bragging” – Doctor

A Nigerian medical doctor identified as Dr Olufunmilayo, took out time from his busy schedule to educate men who boast that the size of their male member can shift a woman’s womb.

Dr Olufunmilayo @drolufunmilayo twitter

Dr Olufunmilayo wrote:

“During labour/delivery, When a woman’s cervix (the gate of the womb) is fully opened at 10cm, to allow a baby to come out, this is what it looks like.


“But men like to fool themselves and assume they can “shift your womb”. Yet 95% of penis width is under 5cm. Beautiful delusion.”

He added:

“But it takes 9 months for the body to prepare for this” Exactly. Now think about it. If it takes 9months to prepare for a delivery of a whole baby, an act that doesn’t even “shift the womb”, is it your 3cm width penis that will make a difference? Lmao. Pls get the fvck.”

“Doctor this is not fair, stop attacking our ego as men” He commented

“Ok let’s be serious.
“No sensible man should have ego built on sex or penis prowess. That’s ephemeral and daft.

“Build your ego, if you have to, on more serious and exemplary qualities. Not on numbers of “shifted wombs”… And actually NO penis can ever actually shift a womb.

“To start with, very very few penis will even touch the cervix (the entrance of the womb) during sex. NOT to talk of hit it enough to have any impact on the womb.”

“Let’s get serious.
Womb shifting is a myth.
Let’s drop it.
This is simple anatomy.
And a touch of common sense.”

“Nothing more.
NO Penis can shift a womb.
Quote me anywhere.”

“And even if by any remote possibility there would be, maybe it’s the context of an adult man raping a toddler. Or something worse.”

“But in normal situations? Nah.

Can a woman get exhausted after sex? Yes. That’s because sex can be draining.”

Can a woman feel pain after sex? Yes. That’s because if she’s dry, she can get small tears and bruises in the vagina.”

“But is that the same as Womb Shifting? Absolutely not. Get your terminology right.

Anatomically, during sex, the penis is mainly in the vagina doing an in-out movement repeatedly till orgasm.
And that’s it.”

“Very few people and very few times can it touch the cervix, if it ever does. And it will never be significant enough to cause a womb to shift. You get it?”

“So this is not an attack on anyone’s ego. This is setting things straight and putting out the facts out there as it should be.”

“Besides if your ego is crushed because you suddenly found out a penis cannot shift a womb, then you don’t know what it really means to be a man. “

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