Woman Caught Trying To Dispose Her New Born Baby In Lagos

A newborn baby boy was rescued yesterday, at the Lagoon Plaza, Lagos Island, after his mom’s failed attempt to kill him few minutes after birth.

A lady whose name is not identified was reported to have delivered a baby in a public toilet within the Lagoon plaza premises, Lagos.

After delivery, she decided to wrap the baby up in her hijab with an attempt to dispose him on her way out, after her failed attempt to flush him down the toilet.

As fate would have it, blood dripping from the bag she was carrying gave her up when a passerby spotted and raised an alarm.

She was promptly apprehended by some store owners who then demanded to know the content of the bag, only to discover a bouncing baby boy inside.

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The lady was said to have blamed her actions on financial incapability to raise the baby.

Watch the video below;

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