Viral Photos Of Couples Who Married In A Tipper

A couple’s wedding pictures has gone viral on the internet after using a tipper for their wedding in a community in Akwa Ibom state.

Photos have shown how an Akwa Ibom couple used a tipper for their wedding, causing quite a topic of discussion on the internet.

The couple are trending on social media after their wedding photos showing them in the tipper were shared online.

In the trending photos, the tipper can be seen decorated with the couple’s colour of the day. The couple was able to get into the tipper with the aid of a ladder. They then took photos in the heavy-duty truck and so did their bridal party.

The photos were shared to the Facebook group: Akwa Ibom Political Forum and got lots of reactions from there.

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The post did not say if the couple drove to their wedding venue in the tipper or if they only used it for picture purposes.


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