Viral Photo Of Couple That Got Internet Users Angry

A young couple has gone viral on social media after they struck a dangerous pose for pictures at the edge of an infinity pool.

Tourist couple Infinity pool

The viral Instagram post has been slammed as ‘dangerous’ and ‘stupid’ by online viewers.

A pair of US travel bloggers have been branded “stupid” for risking their safety by dangling off a 40ft infinity pool in a bid to get Instagram likes.

Kelly Castille, 33, and Kody Workman, 32, who are based in Bali, shared a dramatic picture of themselves posing in a swimming pool at the Kayon Jungle Resort in Ubud, Indonesia.

In the viral snap, Michigan-born Kody is seen holding Louisiana-born Kelly over the side of the three-storey pool leaving her legs dangling above an estimated 40ft drop.

Tourist couple Infinity pool

The glamorous couple, who boast 62,000 Instagram followers, have defended their actions insisting they were “super slow and cautious” while performing the stunt.

In response to a slew of negative comments branding the picture “stupid” and “irresponsible”, the pair hit back sating they are “full of trust for each other.”

Kelly and Kody, US travel bloggers based in Bali, insist they were cautious while performing the risky stunt

Kelly said: “It was a blast setting this up. Kody had a very good hold of me. We trust each other entirely.

“It was such an amazing feeling to have this come out exactly as we planned. We are safe and sound.”

One online critic said that others could try and replicate the risky photo.

They wrote: “[You’re] teaching other people how to be stupid and risk their life.”

Another blasted Kody for not putting himself in danger, saying: “Why is the woman always the one risking themselves for pictures… never see a guy hanging over a cliff.”

A third commented: “You know, other people are gonna start dangling themselves from infinity pools and dangerous like this also to get a shot like this. Way to set an example.”

An angry Instagram user wrote: “Dumbest thing I’ve seen today. Imagine if she fell, all for the sake of a little internet fame.”

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