Video: Nigerian lady cries out over failed plastic surgery

Omotola-Jesusbaby, Omohtee A Twitter user, simply known as Omohtee called out a Nigerian based plastic surgeon following a body modification surgery that went wrong.

Omohtee who is reportedly battling with surgery complications after undergoing a hips reduction surgery in a facility – Med Contour – owned by one Dr. Anu Fella.

Taking to social media to speak on the turn of events, she preached body positivity and also urged women who insist on undergoing plastic surgery to avoid Med Contour.

The Twitter user also accused the plastic surgeon of blocking her on all social media platforms following her complaints after the surgery went wrong.

Watch the video below;

The doctor, however, comes out to defend herself, stating that her only offense is not warning Omohtee of her waist of being too tiny to undergo such modification. She wrote in reply;

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“So apparently my offense is that her waist is too tiny. At the expense of another persons name and profession some people just want their posts to trend…this is really sad. I leave this lady to God..let Gods will be done.”

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