Uriel Oputa Reveals Strategy To Win Anthony Joshua’s Love

It is no news that Uriel Oputa has a thing for Anthony Joshua, or better still, she is crazy about the heavyweight champion.

anthony joshua
Anthony Joshua

The beautiful food enthusiast, business woman and brand ambassador is always going on about how she plans on making Anthony Joshua notice her or win his love which will be a major jackpot for her.

In one of her latest posts, Uriel shared a photo of Anthony Joshua and his friends.

She then went on to write a caption which insinuated that one of Joshua’s friends posing with him, is actually a friend and brother of hers.

She explained that if she can get the brother to be Joshua’s friend, she can win him over to herself.

She wrote: “One step Closer.. win The BESTIE.. Get my brother to become their Friends.. Tick Tick”

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