Tunde Ednut Showers Curse On His Secondary School Head Boy

Tunde Ednut took to his instagram page to call out the head boy from his secondary school, while he was still a boarding school student.

According to the social media influencer, his former head boy flogged and punished him endlessly, over nothing but of cruel heart.

He wrote to the head boy, who he identified as Osaromen Odewingie:

“I just want to use this medium to insult my former head boy when I was in secondary. I heard you still don’t have a job, Osaromen Odewingie, God punish you o! You never start.

You flogged me, flog me ooo, sent me to fetch water tire, washed your clothes tire for boarding house. God punish you if you can see this message. Idiot! My hand still dey pain me. I need to sue. Okponu!

tunde ednut secondary school head boy cure

While cursing the head boy, he wrote to his fans,

Sorry guys, the younger sister just followed me, I want her to see this. Make she tell am. Foolish boy. Wicked head boy. Alakori oshi! Oloshi jati jati, Okugbe.

The blogger further posted a photo of an old charcoal iron and captioned it:

This was the iron I used to burn my former head boy’s games uniform in boarding house. I had to run into the bush for the whole day.

charcoal iron
Charcoal iron

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