VIDEO: The Near Kisses In Big Brother Naija House

Neo anc Vee almost kissed in the Big brother naija house

BBNaija housemates, Vee and Neo seem destined to never get it right even though they are so perfect together, and tragically, so different.

It appears as if Vee’s forward nature is a little too much for the traditional Neo to handle. There have been many times where their closeness was undeniable, but in the end, the result was always the same. No lovey-dovey.

The Big Brother Naija Housemates are known for loving being in love and watching these ‘ships fail to set sail is killing us all. Let’s hope the Housemates get it going before they get to go home because right now the most important thing is still on lockdown. The lips.

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The Near-kisses

The Lockdown Housemates tackle issues of money, marriage and children. Oh, and there were a couple of tantalising near-kisses thrown in the mix.

Watch the video below:

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