Suspected Ritualist Burnt To Death For Killing Teenage Girl In Bayelsa (Photo)

Luck has ran out on an alleged ritualist after he was caught and killed by angry mobs in an area of Bayelsa state.

ritualist burnt to death after killing a young girl

It was gathered that the crowd took the action after the suspect had allegedly killed a young girl in Akenfa, Yenagoa, Bayelsa state.

Information gathered, revealed that the alleged ritualist pretended to a homeless man loitering around the area before he allegedly slaughtered a teenage girl and was nabbed in the process.

The angry mob immediately descended on him and lynched him to serve as punishment and also a deterrent to others due to the increasing rate of ritual killings in the region.

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The latest victim will make it three ladies who have been gruesomely killed in Akenfa community in less than two months.


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