Speed Darlington mocks Prophet Odumeje over humiliating miracles

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Speed Darlington, pastor odumeje

US-based Nigerian artiste, Speed Darlington, mocked the internet sensationist and preacher, Pastor Odumeje for using ‘voodoo’ to perform miracles.

Speed challenged Prophet Odumeje of not being a real man of God and further labeled him an attention-seeking individual with a ‘short man complex’ who enjoys humiliating people in different ways purported as miracle/deliverance.

He further warned discouraged visiting Odumeje’s church for fake deliverance, stating that God lives everywhere except at Odumeje’s church.

Watch the video below:

Pastor Chukwuemeka Odumeje is popularly known for weird deliverance sessions involving brutal methods like physical smackdown, choking, other violent approaches like in wrestling and movies.

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