Simi Slams Fan Who Dissed Her For Using A Nose Ring

Singer Simi has reacted after a fan stormed her page asking her to take off her nose ring because he feels she’s way better than having such on.

According to the fan, if his girlfriend dare put a nose ring on, he would instantly break up with her. simi,nose ring He wrote: “If my babe put ring on her nose,I will breake up with her… you are better than that: Take it off, I know is not my business: the truth is good to say”

Reacting, Simi pointed out that the person behind the comment must be sick to have made such a suggestion and then ordered the troll out of her page for condemning her for wearing a nose ring.

“both you and the person that decides to date you are not feeling fine. ko koshi kuro ninu comment fun mi my fren”, Simisola replied. It appears like Simi is trying to give her style a face-lift going by the recent changes noticed in her looks. The singer recently changed her hairstyle to a low cut just months after she got married to fellow singer Adekunle Gold.

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With the nose ring on, one can only expect more from the “Joromi” crooner.

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