Ritualist Digs Out Woman’s Corpse 13 Days After Burial In Ibadan

It was serious confusion that took place in a community in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital after a woman’s corpse was exhumed by suspected ritualists after 13 days of being buried.

Ritualist Digs Out Woman's Corpse 13 Days After Burial In Ibadan

Local reports show that the incident has caused serious stir in the community.

Speaking with Double A Media, a source said: “The occurrence is totally true because I saw the exhumed body while going to mosque to pray. I told people not to cover the remain so as to get the police well informed but unfortunately the landlords order the remains to be buried back”

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The son of the late woman bitterly expressed his disaffection with the act and the community at large laying claims that it has becomes a norm in the community.

Speaking with one of the landlords in the community, he said that the people involved in this act deceived the community vigilante to be armed robbers whereas they are ritualists that exhume corpses.

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“We covered the remains back so as to protect the name of the family involved and nothing more.” a landlord said.

“The occurrence was indeed a bad one and no one takes pleasure in it” the landlord concluded.

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