Stop Posting Revealing Pictures Till After Ramadan – Muslim To Cossy Orjiakor

Cossy Orjiakor, famous stripper has shared an appeal made by a Muslim who wants her to stop posting revealing pictures during the period of  Ramadan.Cossy Orjiakor, ramadanThe actress started of by revealing how wet his appeal made her.

“Am wet all over… Am kind of feeling cold thou.. cum warm me up… awwwww a social appeal by a truck fan….”

She then shared his appeal which he claims to be making on behalf of all the Muslims on her timeline.

“Hi dear, I hope you good. I’m really sorry if this upsets you, I mean no harm of discomfort. I was t to personally appeal to you on behalf of myself and other Muslims on your TL. Can you please please stop posting s3xy pictures just for the month if Ramadan which starts tomorrow. May the Lord bless and be with you, may he forgive all our mideeds, no one is perfect, I’m far away from that and I have no reason to judge you. Thanks as you comply, God will bless you richly”

Cossy Orjiakor replied by stating that she will comply to his request.

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“I will comply sweets. If you want s3xy posts, be my patron.”

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