Poor Hygiene: Local Making Of Kilishi (Video)

Flies swarm  sun dried meat
Image Credit: 123RF.com

A Nigerian woman was left devastated after visiting one of the preparation centres of a popular meat snack called ‘Kilishi’ in Abuja.

Kilishi is a version of jerky that originated in Hausa-land. It is a dried form of suya, made from deboned cow, sheep or goat meat. Each of the selected muscles is sliced into sheets of one metre or less for easy drying, followed by series of processes till the snack is ready.

According to the woman, the smoked beef jerky is prepared in an unhygienic environment; exposed to direct sunlight without any form of protection against flies or other agent of bacteria which threatens the human health.

Watch the video below;

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Kilishi can be likened to Suya in that they have similar ingredients but the preparation and texture is different. Traditionally, Kilishi is dried under the sun’s intense heat for about 3 days.

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