Police arrest parrot for alerting drug dealers of their presence

Police, Parrot, Drug

A parrot was arrested and is in police custody after it almost exposed a drug bust by the Brazilian police.

The parrot tipped off the drug dealers by repeatedly yelling “Mamãe, Policia”, which means “Mama, Police”

According to Brazilian police, they encountered the unnamed parrot at the home of the two alleged cocaine dealers, perched inside a small brick of a one-storey home.

Brazil’s R7 news channel reported that as police searched for the suspects, it seemed the lime-green bird knew exactly what to do.

An officer involved in the operation said: “He must have been trained for this. As soon as the police got close he started shouting.”

The bird’s efforts were not successful, however, as the police arrested his apparent owners; a man and teenage girl.

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The “trafficking parrot” (papagaio do tráfico, as news outlets are calling him) was also seen as an officer carried him out of the house on his fingertip, before placing him in a cage and taking him into the Teresina Police Department.

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