Pastor Feeds Members With Worm, Says It Is Holy Communion

Pastor Penuel Mnguni of End Times Disciples Ministries famously known as The Snake Pastor, has fed his congregation with rice and worm, saying it is Holy Communion.

rice and worm

The South African based pastor who had in the past fed snakes and rats to his congregants, fed them with the strange meal during their church service on Sunday.

Penuel Mnguni

Below is what the church shared on Facebook earlier today:


“As the Sunday Holy Communion Service was about to conclude. The servants brought the Holy Communion which was personally cooked by our father Prophet Penuel.

“The man of God prepared Rice with Mopani Worms and Pork Meat, declaring it as Holy Communion.

“You cannot eat what was prepared by the father and not be blessed. What many might see as unclean what the father blessed becomes pure. This is the Will of God that was served to the congregation.

“This is what the man of God declared as he was about to serve to the congregation. “Here Is my Perfection.

“You are going to eat what you have never eaten before, those chains are there to give life, I open your eyes to see the Will.

“This Is My Food, Someone will behold the form of God. More of the Glory. You Are Eating the Will Of God”

 End Times Disciples Ministries

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