Passenger chokes driver for singing Christmas songs in March

A passenger was arrested last week after allegedly choking a driver whom he complained to about singing Christmas songs in March.

Western Pennsylvania cops arrested Clayton Lucas last Monday and charged him with trying to strangle the driver of a minivan in which he was a passenger, according to a CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh.

The NY Daily News reports that,the driver reportedly told cops that his 25-year-old passenger grabbed his throat while he was driving south on Route 28 and choked him to where he was barely conscious because he wouldn’t stop singing Christmas songs.

A state trooper who was waved down over a “possible medical emergency” at 9 a.m. Monday near a highway off-ramp.

The officer approached both men on the shoulder of the road, after they’d exited the vehicle. Lucas reportedly wouldn’t listen to the officer, who was forced to wrestle him to the ground. The victim allegedly showed signs of possible choking.Passenger chokes driver for singing Christmas songs in March

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