Nigerians react to Bobrisky’s new cleavage picture

Nigerian male barbie, cross dresser Bobrisky has got the internet talking as usual after he shared a picture of himself wearing an artificial breast.

Out of the blues, Bobrisky attempted to break the internet tonight with a cleavage photo showing what appears to be ‘breasts’.

Did he do a boob job? Is he wearing a prosthetic? are some of the questions Nigerians on social media are asking.

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See some of the reactions below….

You are a spirit that has a soul and lives in a body. Your body is just like a vehicle for your spirit which is genderless. A spirit can only function on this earth with a physical container which is subject to alteration just like Bobrisky did. Your soul is your true self.

— AyeMojuba 🇳🇬 (@ayemojubar) May 5, 2019

Nigerians swear Bobrisky expressing himself on his own terms is what is spoiling Nigeria not those that skim off invoices or those bribing VIO.
Naize one

— Mama dí Mama (@ShallyBerry) May 5, 2019

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Everyone is sending me the picture of Bobrisky with boobs. My sister is literally asking to educate her on drag costume.
Bob is wearing a drag ungarment, they ain’t real lol.

Yall should start watching Rupaul: Drag race, best show ever!

— Ayisat Bìmpé Agbájé (@ayisatagbaje) May 5, 2019

BobRisky didn’t come to play

Man is flaunting cleavage already, Ladies if your Bae loves brezz hold him tight cause Bob risky

— Enekem💎💎 (@TheEnekemGreg) May 5, 2019

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