Nigerian men share thoughts on dating single mother

Single mother, single mom

A Nigerian Twitter user has taken to the platform to hear from other men on their take on being in a relationship with a single mom.

The man identified as Sammp Desh asked if dating a single mum is a deal-breaker for men, and many Nigerian men stormed the page to give their thoughts on rolling with a single mother.

See different opinions as gathered on Twitter:

*** All the guys saying no problem are all lying. I’m a single mom and once they get to know I have a kid, they will ghost.

*** I’ve seen different takes and men saying it isn’t a deal breaker, it’s usually lies. Go out and ask single mothers what they’re going through, you tell a man you have a child(ren) and they find the door out. A lot of men think a child is extra baggage.

*** I think it is and should be a selfish world. Don’t settle for less than you deserve because of pity. Put yourself first in everything because the humility that single mother is offering you might not have been in your reach if she were clean.

*** Alot of guys wont accept you as a single mom…i am single mom and i can tell you most guys can’t deal with the idea of being with a single mom and the one that eventually do,will want you to hide that child from the knowledge of their family.

*** There must be condition attached to it… that is the father of d child, I wouldn’t like to date or marry a woman and the ex will be stalking us..D sanity of the ex is a determinant factor..The love for the child will definitely be fixed if we dating single mothers do d needful.

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*** This is a myopic way of thinking sir. Your tweet suggests some sort of misgiving or wrongdoing from the woman when it could be a number of things that made her & her baby daddy split. He could have been a deadbeat dad, an abuser, a user etc It could also be the other way around

*** When I never born Pikin before why I go marry person wey don born Pikin

*** Reading this is confusing me,men are saying(or hoping )it won’t be a problem,but women here are saying the men are lying Should they say it will be a problem so y’all can start ”isn’t it men that made them single mums in the first place now they don’t want”

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