My Wife Is Sleeping With Her Pastor – Man Cries Out

A young man whose name is preferred to be kept anonymous took to twitter to seek advice through a twitter user @PostSubMan over his dear wife cheating on him with a supposedly man of God.

In his write up, he stated clearly how he tries his best to satisfy this woman with both material items and intimate s3x, just so she would not be enticed by another man.

But to his surprise, he stumbled on his wife’s conversation with her pastor and how his wife has been exchanging explicit pictures of her body and praising the pastor of how wonderful he is in bed.

Read below his write up:

“My hands are shaking typing this postsubman, I don’t know what else I haven’t done to satisfy this lady. I married her, I bought her everything she request from me so no man will entice her with material things…..the iPhone X she’s using I bought each for us when I wanted to change my phone.

“I noticed she has been talking too much about this particular pastor for a while so as a sharp guy that i thought I am, I kept an eye on her so this morning as i was preparing for work, my mind just told me to check her phone which i have never done before.. Attached is the pictures of the chat between my wife and this pastor guy. I wanted to stab her in her sleep but i just dropped the phone and take my leave.

“Bros I no stable since, I cant talk to anyone about this they will use my family matter catch cruise … What do i do please? Is divorce an option? I am tired of this life … what keeps ringing in my head is, what if i had not check the phone?

“This is a lady that i make sex a satisfaction for her. It’s disheartening that as i street pass pastor fit dey fvck my wife, i dey always hear am ni. This is crazy.”

See chat screenshot between the wife and pastor below:

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chat between cheating wife and pastor

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