My Girlfriend Has Terrible Mouth Odour – Man Cries Out

Relationship advise and love doctor, Joro Olumofin, has shared an email he received from a follower seeking for advise on how to tell his girlfriend she has mouth odour.

According to the man, his girlfriend of two weeks has a strong mouth odour and they both enjoy kissing each other. He also stated that he nearly died while holding his breath to kiss his girlfriend.

Read below;

“Good morning Joro
Please how do I tell my girl she has a strong mouth odour without being offensive? We just started dating for two weeks now, I’m a guy that likes kissing and she does too. Every other thing is perfect, fine face, perfect shape.. but this mouth odour is killing. I had to hold my breath when kissing her the last time, I almost died. I had to give her some mint. Pleas, how do I tell her??”

Joro Olumofin, Mouth odour, girlfriend

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