I Thought Mum’s Death Was Faked To Have Me Come To Nigeria – Biodun Okeowo

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Nollywood actress, Biodun Okeowo has opened up that she didn’t trust the updates on her mum’s passing until she saw her dead body.

Biodun Okeowo

According to the actress, she got the news of her mum’s death while she was in Canada, which made her feel it was a stunt to make her return back to Nigeria.

Biodun Okeowo wrote:

Mummy today makes it a month that you left.
30 agonizing days of my life.
March for me will never be the same.

I can never forget that 6:am call while in Canada that we lost you.
It seems like a joke that morning.

Seemed like it was a stunt to bring me back home. Not until I saw your lifeless body.

Then I believe my only true lover is gone.

My prayer warrior is gone! My one and only best friend, my confidant will not be there for me anymore.

We fight we make up… yet no one compared to you in this whole world.

Sisi till your death you took care of me like I’m still a baby.

A day before you left, mummy you washed my cloths and cooked ikokore for me. Never knew that will be the last meal you will cook for me.

It still feels like a dream. Feels like someone will still wake me up and tell me it’s a prank
The cold now so intense, I’m shivering like a fish out of the water.
Never believe we will plan your burial in 5 years to come.

Mummy you were so strong and hardworking. You want to do everything by yourself and even do more for us your children.

Mummy I wish a come back to life is possible.
Mummy I can’t just be myself again.

Everything seems so meaningless to me since you left. Vanity!
Really trying to be strong but it’s so hard!!!

I pray everyday, tho part of my prayers are unrealistic; I wish I can see you again. I wish God can perform a miracle.

You really toiled for my brothers and I, especially for me, you did everything to make me who I am.

You single handedly strived for me. God really used you for us. If not for God and you mummy?

Now mummy your dreams are coming true… why didn’t you wait a bit? At least lived some years in that house.

I want my mother!!! NOBODY can love me like you!

I write every day thinking it will ease my pain but it only makes me more emotional and the tears won’t stop.

How can I get over you? How???
Continue to RIP Cecilia

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