Man Celebrates Crashing His Car A Day After Buying It

A young Nigerian man identified as Andy Pounds took to Facebook to celebrate after wrecking his new car, less than 24 hours after buying it in Delta state.

Andy Pounds
Andy Pounds

Andy had earlier celebrated the purchase of the car in a previous post, only to crash it a day later.

He wrote:

“there are too many accidents that can befall life on a single planet but if I could survive last night, then not just you or everyone but even life itself could survive someday!

“Everyday I wake up to new Blessings. From laughing with friends about how I spend over a million a day to buying a car to Buying myself another life’.

“God You are Great! Don’t say sorry but congratulations because I came out of This Unstained, healthy and even the Scan shows same thing.

“God should bless God for this because I don’t think Thanks and prayers should be enough. Call it Alcohol, drug or whatever, I call it Glory and Dodging another Straight Shot from them Witches and Wizards” He wrote.

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