Lagos Gay Pastor Makes Shocking Confession

A General Overseer of a Pentecostal church, Prince Chisodirim Ezuma and Founder of Jesus Intervention Household Ministry, who was recently arrested for sodomizing young boys has claimed that he has had several sexual intercourse with many other men of God.

Gay pastor

“Sometime in October, I went to a popular pharmacy along NNPC Road in Ejigbo to buy some drugs and one of the attendants, a male who introduced himself as Eric was so nice to me,” he claimed.

“He started winking at me and I looked around to be sure that I am the one. I smiled and allowed him to attend to me. I am used to such attention because I am handsome.

“I left and he followed me. I had to stop to understand why he specifically wanted to talk to me. It was then he told me that he is gay and that he would want to be my friend.

“I gave him my number and asked him to go back to work that we will talk later. He called again pestering me that he wants to visit me that night and I agreed.

“I gave him my house address on Adelaja Ojo Street, close to Hostel bus stop in Ejigbo.

“At about 8pm, he came to my house and I gave him soft drink while I interviewed him. He said that he started allowing men to penetrate him since he was 11 years.

“He kept seducing me and to be on the safe side I asked him to tell me his age and he said 22. He looked younger and I told him but he said that it’s his stature.

“At this point, I relaxed and allowed him to touch me. As a human being, I was aroused and decided to touch him too. I used oil and rubbed his laps and started pressing my penis in- between his laps.

“For me it was just the same thing as the anus, the only difference is that it’s neater using your laps. He suddenly stopped me and said that he wanted direct penetration.

“I resisted and told him that I am HIV positive but he insisted that he was also positive. To make him happy, I penetrated him but as soon as I was about to ejaculate, I withdrew my penis.”

According to Ezuma, after that experience, he became attached to the boy, and, together, they began to have a regular affair.

“Since I became gay, I have never seen a young man who is too horny. Although it’s his anus that is suffering, he is never satisfied.

“He became my lover and he is a perfect cook. He comes regularly to cook and take care of the house for me even if I am not around. I took care of him to the best of my ability.

“Sometime in January, I saw him on the street with some boys that are confirmed gay. I am a private person, so I warned him that I am not ready to share him with anyone.

“He said that there was nothing between them till one of the boys saw me on the street and asked me why I am selfish.

“When I realized that he was determined to start messing around, I ended the relationship. Eric was angry and threatened to deal with me if I do not continue the relationship.

“I am a decent person and will not take insult from street boys because they are dirty. I did not take him seriously and travelled down to the village to take care of my mother who was sick. I spent more than a month there.

“When I returned, I learnt that police have been looking for me and when I asked my landlord and neighbours, they said that they do not know why they are looking for me.

“Days later, they came and were banging at the door. I refused to open because I thought it was some of these irresponsible street boys that were knocking.

“I refused to open the door until my landlord called and said that it was the police.

“It was when I got to the police station that I realized that it was Eric that reported me. If I knew that the police was looking for me because of that jealous boy,

“I would have stayed away from the house and settled the matter from a distance. It was at the police station that I realized that the boy is just 16; I was even assuming 18 not knowing that he is younger than that.

“It was at the police station that I learnt that his name is Shedrack. He is too sexually experienced to be 16 years.”

How It Started

“As a youth, I was a very good dancer and attended shows where I performed. My mother did her best to raise me in the fear of God. But in 2008, I had an encounter in one church where I gave my life to Christ.

“Instead of dancing, I started performing in church through music. So many sinners repented and God used me to perform different types of miracle.

“Gradually, different types of churches started inviting me to attend their programmes. I was so popular in Lagos and in the South East.

“I gradually started my own ministry known as Jesus Intercessory Outreach Ministry and I attached myself to The Lord’s Chosen Church. If I have an outside ministration, I would also attend it.

“I concentrated on my calling till 2009 when I met one Pastor Godwin. He also has a church in Mbaise and he invited me to come and minister in his church.

“After the church programme, which was an all-night, I was checked into a room and Pastor Godwin had to escort me. I was so tired that I pulled off my shirt and lay down on the bed.

“Suddenly, he started touching me. I jumped up and asked him what he was doing and he said that I should relax. He convinced me that most of the pastors that are successful are gay.

“They marry wives to convince their members that they are normal but they have carnal knowledge of fellow men especially pastors. I initially resisted but I later allowed him to have his way. This was how I started.

“Gradually, Pastor Godwin introduced me to Father Jude who I dated for some time before he introduced me to many other priests who are gay.

“It was normal for them because they were not allowed to marry or have an affair with a woman. This was how I started and gradually progressed till I discovered that I have HIV.

“I nearly died but my lovers assured me that most us have it and referred me to Catholic hospital where I will be getting my medication.”

Begging for a second chance, Ezuma denied having carnal knowledge of minors insisting that he was cautious of their age.

“I will never do that to anyone less than 18 because of my ministry. I knew the dangers and that could land me in trouble.

“There are so many young boys who are into that kind of life because of the little money they make out of it. Most importantly, I am a principled man. I do not mess around; all those stories about me are false.

“I am terribly sorry and beg for mercy. Ever since they arrested me, I have rededicated my life to Christ and have promised Him that I will be a better person and reach out to all those who are still hell-bound.”

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