Lady calls out Diamond bank Over her 75-year-old Mum Who Was defrauded of N4.8M

The lady, who is identified as Carnayour on twitter, said her mother is using Diamond bank and has no ATM card and neither did she get any one time password (OTP) to alert her of such transaction.

diamond bank defraud 4.8 million naira

She tweeted,

So my mum was defrauded of 4.8million through her bank Diamond Bank, she was registered on mobile banking, she has no ATM, neither did she get any call from fraudsters or even receive an OTP for her to panic.

She is 75 years old @Uzoma_Diamond @DiamondBankNG @DiamondBankHelp due to this it is affecting her health as she has been struggling with High blood pressure, upon visiting her branch bank all the customer service and even manager have been acting all surprised and saying they do not know how this happened after writing a complaint letter for proper investigation and reversal of funds as this is not clear we were told we would be contacted on the 12th of April after their investigations…like seriously??
The rate at which customers lose so much money just because their banks cannot protect them from so called fraudsters, it’s really sad how can a customers details get so exposed to take out 4.8m?

How was it possible there was no daily transaction limit?

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