Kaduna Killings: Olakunle Churchill Once Again Offers Support

Olakunle Churchill offers support for the Southern Kaduna Killings

Dr. Olakunle Churchill has once again offered support to the displaced households in the southern Kaduna following the recent killings in the area.

According to the human rights group Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), at least 27 people were killed within a 24-hour period between 19 and 20 July in attacks by armed assailants of Fulani ethnicity on communities in Kaduna state.

Olakunle churchill; Churchill foundation Southern Kaduna Killings

The Managing Director of Churchill Foundation who had in 2017, visited the Kagoro community in Southern Kaduna to support over 5000 displaced people affected by the KADA River Massacre with food and shelter.

In a recent tweet, the philanthropist expressed concerns one which he considers a ‘barbaric act.’

He wrote, “Some days ago villages were attacked in southern Kaduna by unknown gun men, lives were lost again. It has become even more disturbing because we thought this barbaric act has finally been put to rest.

“Three years ago we where face with over 5000 internally displaced persons who are desperately in need of food and shelter, we did the little we could do to support women and children, it’s sad that the number has increased tremendously.

“My team and I are doing everything possible to revisit the affected and displaced persons in southern Kaduna.

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“Lend your voice, end the KILLING! #ChurchillFoundation #prayforsouthernkaduna

However, Churchill declared that he will be revisiting the state with his team to help the displaced and victims of the unfortunate crisis.

The Churchill Foundation is known for her hard work on supporting local communities as well as national charities, fighting against sickness, disease, and human suffering.



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