If Anyone Should Fight For Nigeria To Unite, It Should Be The Igbo – Momoh

Prince Tony Momoh, a former Minister of Information, on Thursday said it is erroneous for some Nigerians to believe that Igbos will secede if they have the opportunity of producing the president of Nigeria.

Prince Tony Momoh, Igbo Secede, Igbo
Prince Tony Momoh

Speaking with Daily Independent from Dubai, Momoh said Igbos need Nigeria more than the country needs them and as such will not do anything that will jeopardise the unity of the country.

Momoh, who said Igbos are present in every village in the country, also said that the Igbos are more prosperous in a united Nigeria and as such will strive to maintain the oneness rather than choose to go away.

“People are just playing politics by saying the Igbos will go away if they are opportune to produce the president.

“If you look at the constitution of the country, the Igbos need Nigeria more than the country needs them. I say so with all sense of responsibility. There is no village in the whole of Nigeria where you don’t have an Igbo man.

“There is nowhere in Nigeria where the Igbo man does not feel at home. The Igbos have commercial presence everywhere in Nigeria. The Igbos have population spread in Nigeria more than any other tribe. So, why will they want to secede?

“So, if there is anybody who should fight for Nigeria to be one, it should be the Igbos. So, if they become president, they will be in position to even want to maintain the unity of Nigeria more than any other ethnic group.

“Any person saying if Igbos become president, they will secede does not know what he is talking about. Are they not progressing better now when the country is united than If we break-up?” Momoh asked.

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