“How I got pregnant as a virgin” – Lady Reveals (Video)

A lady who ended up pregnant at 23 while still a ‘virgin’ has described how she was stunned to discover she was expecting a kid however she hadn’t gotten associated with something besides foreplay.


Wathoni Anyansi says she was dating a guy and they would make out but they never had penetrative sex.

She was 23 at the time and had never had sex.

But to her shock, five months after one of their make out sessions, she found out she was pregnant.

Her boyfriend was also shocked when her family invited him for a meeting and he insisted they had never had sex but only made out.

Wathoni revealed that her boyfriend simply flapped his genitals against hers and that was it.

But, unknown to her, she was ovulating at the time, which is a time when a woman is at her most fertile.

According to NHS UK, “It’s possible for you to get pregnant without having sexual intercourse. For example, if you or your partner have semen or pre-ejaculate on your fingers and touch your vagina, your partner ejaculates near your vagina or your partner’s erect penis comes into contact with your body near your vagina.

“The risk of getting pregnant in this way is very low because sperm can only live for a short time outside of the body. However, it’s important to know that it’s possible to get pregnant in this way.”

So, in Wathoni’s case, her hymen was still intact but she was already pregnant.

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Media personality, Lolo Cynthia, who shared the story, wrote:

Look! When I first heard her story I was shocked and skeptical.. I had to do my research and found out that it’s VERY possible.

So of course, I had to Interview her.
I got have a medical doctor on set who broke it down for us!

Watch the interview below;


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