Helen Paul – My Family Thought I Will Be A Secondary School Drop Out

Popular Nigerian comedian, Helen Paul expressed how her family member never thought she would finish secondary school but today, she is a PhD holder.

helen paul phd doctorate

Helen Paul who recently completed her PhD and bagged a Doctorate degree, has now explained why her family never expected her to go that far.

In a chat with, The Punch, the comedian said, her family expected her to drop out at secondary school level because of how playful she was. She said;

In my family, no one believed that I would complete secondary school education let alone attend university.

My mother always told me that if I finished from secondary school with good grades, she would kill a cow because I was very restless and playful.

When I finished from secondary school and took my result to her, I demanded my cow but she was not forthcoming so I asked for a chicken, but she simply told me she had cooked rice and that I should go and eat it.

To motivate me the more, she said that I should complete my university education, and that is when she would believe that I had really achieved a feat in life.

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