Heartbroken woman cries out after husband sent her n*des to his side chick to body shame her

heart broken A heartbroken wife has cried out on social media after she discovered that her husband sent her nude photos to his side chick in a bid to body shame her.

According to the lady, she had bantered words with the said side chick who in turn sent her copies of her nudes, threatening to expose them to the internet if she doesn’t retreat.

The aggrieved wife revealed the humiliation she is currently faced with as the mistress sent her screenshots of her husband calling her names and body-shaming her.

She wrote;”My husband sent my nude to his girlfriend.surprisingly me and her were insulting ourselves online she now said if you mess up I will show the world your useless body. she sent it to me with a caption written by my husband, say see stretch marks on my wife’s body, see how big her tummy is after one child. he abused me, and she started laughing.please what should be done to this kind of men, because this is the height of it all. I need reasonable advice. need to teach my husband a lesson.”

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