‘Good Food And S*x Cannot Keep A Man’ – Princess Shyngle (Video)

Gambian socialite Princess Shyngle has advised her colleague ladies that cooking good food, sex and trying to be a marriage material does not guarantee them keeping their men forever.

According to her, ladies should just do the things they feel like doing rather than make it look like they are trying hard to please their men since that work.

In a video, the socialite could be heard saying,

“Look, ladies y’all need to understand that cooking for man cannot keep a man, cleaning for a man cannot keep him, washing his clothes, being a perfect girlfriend cannot keep a man.

Having s*x with him 24hours, you can give him all the best s*x positions in the world cannot keep a man.

Being the hottest and most beautiful girl in town with the baddest body and the most gorgeous face cannot keep a man”

Video below:

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