Gokada CEO murdered by professionals — Police reveals

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The brutal murder of a motorcycle company CEO, Gokada, has shocked many across the globe, and more details have emerged surrounding his death.

It had earlier been reported that Fahim Saleh, was yesterday found dead and his body parts dissected in his New York apartment, an electric saw lying next to the remains.

According to police sources, Fahim Saleh had been cut up with an electric saw, which was lying nearby and was still plugged in, by the time his body was discovered in different plastic bags.

Surveillance footage of the suspect has been seen, with the suspect wearing a hat and mask covering his face, as he entered the apartment elevator with Saleh.

‘The perp had a suitcase. He was very professional,’ one police source told the Daily News.

According to the New York Post, as the pair got stepped out of the elevator, Saleh looked puzzled and soon the attack began.

Fahim Saleh who immediately fell, after either being shot or stunned, a tactic which has made the police believe the murder was carried out by a professional.

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Police found that his legs below the knees and his arms had been removed, with the missing body parts placed into plastic bags.

Cops are now trying to work out whether the arrival of the victim’s sister interrupted the dismembering of Saleh’s body, as there was surprisingly little blood on the scene.

Detectives are also looking to see if the killer was able to escape through another exit.

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