Goat Elected As ‘Mayor’ in The US

A small town in America, Vermont elected a goat named Lincoln as her new major. Lincoln might be a novice in politics but will bring a storied bloodline.

Lincoln the goat

Fair haven’s leading official hopes the lond-eared, three-year-old animal’s election serves as deterrent in democracy.

In Tuesday’s poll, Lincoln was victorious over 15 other candidates including Crystal the gerbil and many dogs and cats.

Fair Haven, population 2600, has no official mayor but the Town Manager, Joseph Gunter, holds similar functions.

Gunter, who came up with the election process had read of similar election in a newspaper about the village of Omena, Michigan, that made Sweet Tart the cat as its “top” official to raise funds for building a playground.

13 votes is all Lincoln had to win against Sammie the dog which was believed to be enough.

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The goat, which belongs to a school math teacher, will get an education in the town’s major festivals which it will represent during its one-year mandate:

“Memorial Day parade, the Apple Fest and the events we organize every Friday in the summer,” Gunter says.


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