‘Give Birth To Your Kids Far Away From Nigeria, Even If It’s Ghana’ – Femisoro Ajayi

Falz’s manager, Femisoro Ajayi has advised Nigerians to deliver their kids outside the country, even if it’s Ghana.

Femisoro Ajayi, give birth outside nigeria

He made this known while disclosing the humiliation travelers with Nigerian passport suffers in other countries.

Femi took to his Insta-story to share;

“The kind of humiliation you face in other countries cos you are travelling with a Nigerian Passport is already bad enough, then you go online and see how the fraud menace seems to be growing even with celebrity discipleshiple and you’re just like ….

“My people, just plan to have your kids outside Nigeria, even if you can get them Ghanaian passport self, it’s still better.

Nigeria no epp and no plan to epp anybody”

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