Meet Futa Student Who Claims To Be The Tallest Girl In Nigeria

Self-acclaimed tallest girl in Nigeria, Yvonne Rofem, a model, has been gaining lots of attention in recent times.

Yvonne Rofem

A student of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Yvonee has been trending on social media in the past few months and there have been a mixed reactions on her claim to be the tallest girl in Nigeria.

The female model standing at 6ft plus is always the cynosure of all eyes everywhere she turns up to and she is quite a popular figure on her campus in Akure.

tallest girl in FUTA

Yvonne Rofem’s photos surfaced on a social media influential page recently and Nigerians in their reactions, are claiming she might not be the tallest girl in the country.

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Although there is no official record anywhere in the country on who holds title to the position.

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