Funny Video Of Kunle Afolayan’s On Why He Prefers Voting Atiku

Nigerian actor, film producer and director, Kunle Afolayan shared a video of his son declaring his reasons why he would prefer to vote Atiku over Buhari. 

kunle afolayan son atiku

In the video, the kid says would have voted for Atiku Abubakar because the PDP presidential candidate revealed in an interview that he would make his friends rich.

According to the actor, ‘now that the election is over, I can post this video that really cracked me up but at the same time got me worried’.

My son Dari and I watched the documentary of the presidential candidate Atiku and the President Buhari.

I must say that his innocent comment says the mindset of an average Nigerian kid and youth. I had to explain to him the implication of his take and he said “Oh! I didn’t know”

Let’s take time out to orientate our children on individual values and integrity

Watch video below:

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