“Even God Supports Stealing” – Police Negotiating Bribe (Video)

A video of an officer of the Nigeria Police Force has gone viral on the internet after the officer was caught on tape negotiating bribe with a bus driver with claims that ‘God is in support of stealing’.

nigeria police, collecting bribe

Corrupt act in the Nigeria police force is not a news to any Nigerian, especially road users, as this officers are known for their petty roadside bribe.

As much as this so called officers are meant to preach the law but instead, they are the violators of the law.

In the video, the police officer could be heard saying “even if they are hijacking vehicles and robbing on the highway, God is in support and that this is his, which he has to do his fullest of satisfaction”.

As much as the driver tried convincing the police officer that he has spent so much on bribes to other police officers along the way down, the officer insisted on his bid claiming they are four in numbers.

The driver argued “do you know how much I’ve spent on my way down”.

Watch video below:

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