Etinosa Fires Back At Actor, Charles Awurum, For Dissing Bobrisky (Video)

After veteran Nollywood actor, Charles Awurum had an outburst on social media and attacked Nollywood producers for featuring popular cross dresser, Bobrisky, in their movies, Comedian, Etinosa Idemudia came to the defense of the male barbie.

Etinosa Idemudia

In the video he posted online, Awurum accused Bobrisky of sponsoring a colony of young boys to become gays and behave like women. He said the punishment God has for Bobrisky also awaits the movie producers encouraging him.

Reacting to this outburst, Etinosa asked Awurum to shut up if he doesn’t have evidence to his claims that Bobrisky sleeps with men.

Watch video blow:

She further took to her Instagram page to continue venting,

“As many of you that are supporting that old man laying curses on Bobriskys employers so also will people campaign against your own employment/Endorsements/Daily bread. They said respect my elders. That man is not my elder. He is exhibiting witchcraft

I don’t live fake life or kiss ass. I say it as it is without fear or fvcking favour. That’s why I don’t have many friends. A lot of people share my views but scared to publicly admit it because of fear of insult or what will people say. It’s fine. I offer myself as the sacrificial lamb if that will end or at least reduce the inhumane treatment of my fellow man. Selah”.

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