Daddy Freeze Reacts To Pastor Who Kisses Member As Deliverance (Video)

Daddy Freeze who is also the leader of the ‘Free the Sheeple Movement’, has called out a Pastor who kisses female members during deliverance.

pastor kissing member

Daddy Freeze who called out the Pastor who kisses female members during deliverance, wrote;

“An act of worship? 🙄Better be from a movie….”

The video also got the attention of some Nigerian entertainers who reacted in the comment section of the video.

Here is the video below;

Here are some Twitter users reaction to the video:

@Tpromise6 tweeted: Na wa oh, what sort of deliverance is this. This is rubbish

@kvng_breezy20 tweeted: hehehehe lol ama leave the pastor outta dis. the members under spell or what😫😫

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@masaun_k tweeted: So of all the girls in the church, na this fine one need deliverance. Issokay

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