‘May this post skip every evil eye’ – Comedian, Mariam gushes about her wedding to owner of KraksTV, Femi Bakre (Photos)

Femi Bakre, Tobi Bakre, Wedding

Instagram comedian, Okunola Mariam, did not have her dream wedding but it is nonetheless one of the happiest day of her life as she gushed about it on Instagram.

Mariam got married to her long time boo, Femi Bakre, owner of KraksTV and brother to Big Brother Naija ex-housemate, Tobi Bakre, in a low-key wedding ceremony in Magodo, Lagos

Femi Bakre, Tobi Bakre, Wedding

Not her dream wedding but the Instagram comedian, popularly known as Mory-Coco, has just written a beautiful piece about her love life and how lucky she is to have landed her dream man.

In quite a number of words, she wrote;Femi Bakre, Tobi Bakre, Wedding

“I don’t know how to do many things oo but I know how to pray, ah I can pray!!!!! And I can cry on God’s neck. And ever since I knew what a relationship between a man and woman is supposed to be, I’ve been praying for the kind of man I want, I’ve been praying for this day and the Almighty answered!

I asked for a man that Adores you and fears you Almighty Allah, because if he loves You, he will love your creature (me). Almighty Allah, you said ‘say no more’ and you answered that prayer with a perfect gift! You have given me the actual FLESH OF MY FLESH! And I can’t thank you enough! You gave me a friend, a brother, a partner and a Zaddy! Almighty you gave me my Guy!Ah I’m grateful.Femi Bakre, Tobi Bakre, Wedding

Thank you God for this relationship you personally orchestrated, this one is for You Almighty Allah, help us lead the way. Alhamdullilah Rabil Alameen. May this post skip every evil eye!!!!! Amin Ya Allah.

If I were to chose, I would have loved to have my wedding on the days where there was no social media, because I’m so private to the point where I honestly don’t know certain things about my self but we have made lifetime friends via this platform and it’s only right that we do right by them by sharing our happy moments with them because that’s what friends do.

We originally wanted to have our wedding during the month of Ramadan on a Monday on the Island with just our parents and 3 friends each, because we believe that being private cuts away as much negativity as possible and I also believe that evil eye is real (call me old school dun care)Femi Bakre, Tobi Bakre, Wedding

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Lol but that was a battle we couldn’t win, what would happen to all the aunties that used to send me money when I was broke? The neighbor that had to baby sit me and change my diaper when my mum was not home, My favorite cousins that used to help me eat my Eba when I was young so that I would not get into trouble for not finishing my food? The friends that we read for exams together and I passed because of them ? The friends that helped me submit assignment when I couldn’t go to class for one reason or the other? The aunties that always give me their baff ups so I could slay at events? The aunties that used to take me to birthday parties when I was young? The aunty that bought me my first body spray and diary?Femi Bakre, Tobi Bakre, Wedding

How were they supposed to miss my big day? It took a long time for me to accept that they were supposed to share this joyous day with us but by the time I did, it was already too late for me to properly plan a wedding, so we started doing wuru wuru.

Initially I wanted every vendor to be a family member or a friend or at least someone I knew but I had to mix old and new all together.

Now let’s start with @tmtbylayinka I called her last week at about 9 pm to book a slot, when she said she would be available I screamed for joy, fast forward to today, she kept to time! And she was too pleasant, I had a surprise in the middle of the make up and used tears to almost scatter the whole thing but she was just there smiling, like as if she was already expecting it”.

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