Bold Pink Mocks IK Ogbonna Over Elapsed Lawsuit Ultimatum

Controversial social media user Bold Pink wasted no time in a new insta-story post to mock IK Ogbonna, as his 7-day ultimatum and a notice of a follow up lawsuit ended today.

ik ogbonna bold pink

Recall that in a lawsuit notice IK Ogbonna shared on his Instagram page, the Nollywood actor told the Instagram troll to apologize and retract her comment of him being gay or face a possible lawsuit in 7 days.

He wrote as he shared a photo of the lawsuit notice;

“A free platform created for promotion and marketing has given people cheap voices to speak cheaply about people’s hard earned integrity. Most of those who wants us to come out with “who we truly are”…as they claim, have themselves nothing to show to anyone.

“The noises are mostly made and heard from the empty barrels. We give attention to what is of value not what takes our attention from what is of no value. And very soon, society must weed out the tares that prevent the wheat from standing out.” If u come with allegations pls come out of the closet with prove to ur allegation.”

However Bold Pink mocked IK Ogbonna on Instagram today, as his 7-day ultimatum for an apology and retraction ended.

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She wrote;

“7 Days Don Finish Na , Lmao . OLD SOLDIER DON RETIRE”

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