Bobrisky Finally Reveals Face Of Lover, ‘Bae’


Nigerian controversial crossdresser, Idris Okuneye, who is best known as Bobrisky in a recent stream of photos has unveiled the love of his life.

In new posts via his page on Instagram, the male-barbie shared photos of the boyfriend who he often refers to as “bae,” which caught his fans by surprise.

Bobrisky, however, confirmed having his lover’s permission to have him flaunted on his timeline to his 2.3 million Instagram fanbase.

Bobrisky instagram

He also revealed how he fought so hard for true love before he came along.

He wrote, “The wait is OVER !!! I’m not d type of person that like bringing my relationship here… but sometimes decision change. And I remember asking for ur permission to do dis… you asked me to go ahead.”

When his followers questioned the truthfulness of his revelation, the cross-dresser revealed that he is not chasing clout, as he thought deeply about showing off his “bae” before he went ahead to do it.

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In response to clouts over his choice of sharing the photos, he wrote, “Do u think I have time for CLOUT ? No way. Before uploading my boo I thought about it deeply… he is a darling and deserve to be celebrate. You all know I don’t care about ur opinion thou. Baby @henryike read comment and laugh ❤️❤️❤️”

More photos of Bobrisky’s lover below: bobrisky's lover Henry Ike, bobrisky's boyfriend's house and cars Bobrisky's bae Henry Ike , Bobrisky's boyfriend

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