Bishop Obinim Claims TB Joshua, 2 Others Are His Children Spiritually

Bishop Obinim in a new sermon, revealed that top Pastors like TB Joshua, Pastor Chris, Benny Hinn are all his children and not his equals.

Bishop Daniel Obinim,
Bishop Obinim Daniel

Bishop Obinim who said Obinim said TB Joshua, Pastor Chris, Benny Hinn are his children when it comes to spiritual affairs, went on to explain that when he places a curse on someone, no one can lift it.

“I respect Pastor Chris, TB Joshua, Benny Hinn, and the other prophets but in terms of the Spiritual aspect, they are my children. They are my children. Go and ask them, they know me spiritually. Talking about spiritual ways, they know me.

Bishop Obinim Daniel, TB Joshua, Pastor Chris, Benny Hinn,

“Benny Hinn is a healer, he can heal you; Benny Hinn is a preacher, he can preach, and deliver you but in terms of spiritual ways, he’s nowhere close to me” he said.

The controversial Ghanaian Pastor who said TB Joshua or Benny Hinn cannot reverse a curse he has placed because they are nothing compared to him, however attested to TB Joshua’s teaching, prophetic and healing prowess but called him a toddler when it comes to spiritual affairs.

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Obinim who said he is capable of doing anything including orchestrating a car accident that can terminate the life of his enemy, added that Benny Hinn’s ministry was doing quite well but when he ties a knot in the spiritual world, Hinn can never untie it.

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