Bbnaija Reunion: Frodd lament on insecurities with Esther

Frodd and esther, BBnaija reunion

More drama on the recent episode of BBnaija reunion as Frodd and Esther had an altercation on how their relationship failed to work out.

Esther explained that they fell out of love on the basis that Frodd did not properly ask her to be his girlfriend. Frodd denied however and recalled asking Esther out during a dinner on the 36th floor of Hilton hotel in Dubai.

He added that to him, they didn’t fall out of love but forces and dynamics like friends, fan-base, and branding affected the growth of their relationship.

The lover boy went further on why they didn’t work out, that Esther had wealthy friends that she pulls up to events in Porsche cars with as it made him feel insecure.

“I came out of the house, on a plain ground, I had nothing. She was the only one I spoke to. There were times when we were at events, she pulls up in a very Porsche car. I am a guy who has insecurities as well.” Frodd said.

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