Africans drag BBC over insensitive headline on Coronavirus cases in Africa

BBC, Coronavirus cases in Africa The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is being criticized over a headline that insinuates ‘disappointment’ over the low statistics of infection rate of the COVID-19 disease in Africa.

In a headline published on Friday by the public owned British media via their official account on the micro-blogging platform, Twitter, reads “20 deaths and 600 coronavirus cases have been confirmed across Africa, a continent of 1.2 billion people, But the virus is still spreading.” This headline was tagged ‘racist’ and appalling by readers, mostly Africans.

Below are reactions of Twitter users:

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 disease, Africa has recorded a very low infection rate of the viral disease, unlike Europe with over 4000 deaths and 50,000 cases as at today.

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